Dr. Michael Conrad

Director and Project Founder

Dr. Michael Conrad is the founder and director of the Indian Point Heritage Project. His research analyzes the history of business organization, labor, and technology by looking beyond management directives and labor unions to centralize how people worked within their industry.  Dr. Conrad holds a PhD in American history from Stony Brook University with a thematic focus in industry, technology, and business. He also has degrees from Montana State University and Northern Arizona University. He has taught at Marist College, Suffolk County Community College, and Stony Brook University. 

Ludmilla Edinger

Research Assistant

Ludmilla Edinger managed all transcriptions, social media, and archiving for the Indian Point Heritage Project from 2020 to 2021. She has a bachelors in history with a minor in Hudson Valley Regional Studies from Marist College. She also has an associates degree in Liberal Arts from SUNY Ulster. Raised in the Hudson Valley, Ludmilla focuses on the social history of the region. She has previously worked with the Macdonald DeWitt library in their local history room and volunteered with the Ashokan Center to teach colonial history.

Brian Vangor

Chief Contributor and Project Advisor

Brian Vangor was employed at Indian Point from 1980 to 2021. A mechanical engineer, he maintained a Senior Reactor Operator’s License on Indian Point 3 from 1983 to 2015, standing various Operations watch positions. He became a supervisor in the Dry Cask Storage Group in 2015. Throughout his career at Indian Point, he supervised over twenty reactor refuelings as well as numerous other projects related to new and spent fuel. Brian has provided technical advice, located interviewees, given site tours, while providing all audio-visual media from the Indian Point Energy Center.

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